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CLICS Contributors


The CLICS tutorial is based upon the OASIS tutorial from San Francisco State University which is based upon the Information Competence tutorials developed by the Library at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. The creators of OASIS generously allowed us to use their tutorial as a starting place and moreover, allowed us to augment, modify, rearrange, edit, and reorganize the information as we saw fit. The Contra Costa College Library accepts full responsibility for the entirety of the CLICS tutorial, but we want to acknowledge the organization, content, and images that were borrowed from San Francisco State University.

A limited amount of material from other sources was used to supplement the OASIS tutorial from San Francisco State University. Information from TILT, produced by the University of Texas System Digital Library, was incorporated into CLICS. Additional material in the tutorial comes from Research Skills: Finding, Using, and Evaluating Resources, Unit I by Judy Flum and Ellen Geringer. This text is used in Library Studies 110, a course offered by the library faculty at Contra Costa College.

CLICS Implementation Team - Judy Flum and Jean Amaral

ADA Compatibility - United States Access Board, JAWS screen reading software

Chapter Development  - Judy Flum and Jean Amaral

CLICS Logo Design - Judy Klein Flynn

Content Editors - Judy Flum, Jean Amaral, Amanda Choi, Katherine Becvar & Annemarie Meyer

Graphics - Judy Klein Flynn, Contra Costa College; Logan Delay, Scott Emery, Chris Mays, Jeff Rosen, Georgianna Wong, SFSU

Planning and Library/Campus Coordination - Judy Flum

Publicity and Marketing - Judy Flum

Quiz Implementation Assistance - James Eyestone and Tim Clow and staff

Quiz Question Contributors - Judy Flum, Jean Amaral, Rubi Abrams and Amanda Choi

Quiz Question Editor - Jean Amaral and Amanda Choi

Web Editor - Carolyn Schubert, Megan Kinney, Amanda Choi, Katherine Becvar & Annemarie Meyer

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