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Communicating Information:
What and Who

What Needs to Be Communicated?

Do you need more detail? Or just a brief summary? Would graphics help prove your point? Or can you convey your ideas in writing?

When determining what format to use consider:

  • the amount of detail needed
  • the amount of time in which information needs to be delivered
  • how the information will be delivered or transferred
graphic of a smartphone
graphic of a desktop computer

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

Is it your teacher, supervisor, doctor, job interviewer, colleague? In selecting the format which you will use to communicate the information you have gathered, consider theaudience who will be receiving the information. Different audiences may need different forms of communication.


3 people looking at a wall of photos of different kinds of people

  • A simple E-mail message or a printed handout might be the best way to communicate with some audiences.
  • On the other hand, communication about a class project or a business meeting might be greatly improved by using a graphic presentation or a series of Web pages instead of a paper handout.
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