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Finding the Item in the Library

After you have searched the online catalog and found the item you are looking for, look carefully at the record for the LocationCall No., and Status of the item.

screenshot of an item record in the online catalog with the location, call number, and status columns highlighted with red borders
  • LOCATION: Indicates which library and in which area of the library to find the item.
    • CCC-Stacks (items that can be checked out)
    • CCC-Reference (items that must be used in the Library, time period is unlimited)
    • Available online
    • CCC-Reserve (items that can usually be checked out for in library use only, two hours at a time)
    • CCC-Career & Scholarship (items about careers)
    • CCC-Contemporary Issues (items often used in writing argumentative essays)
    • CCC-Picture books (items for young children)
  • CALL NO.: This combination of letters and numbers is the call number, the unique address of that item in the library. Items are arranged by the first letter of the call number, and there are signs on the ends of the bookshelves indicating which letters are in those stacks.
  • STATUS: Indicates the availability of the item. You may see any of the following in the Status box:
    • Available (should be on the shelf ready to be checked out)
    • Not available (is checked out and due on the date given)
    • MISSING (has not been returned or cannot be located)
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