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Database Coverage

The CCC Library subscribes to over 50 online databases. Most four-year colleges and universities subscribe to well over a hundred. The databases provided by the CCC library are only available to currently-enrolled students, faculty, and staff at CCC. They may be accessed off campus by entering your last name and student (or employee) ID number.

The online databases we offer cover a range of subjects, from general interest (such as encyclopedias or newspapers) to very specific subject areas (such as Psychology and Behavioral Health Sciences Collection, Auto Repair Reference Center or Ethnic NewsWatch). For this reason, it is important to select the most appropriate database for your information needs.

A few of the electronic databases available through the CCC Library

Each database varies in terms of coverage. A description of what a database covers can usually be found on the database's welcome page or in the description provided by the library on our Databases page ( 

Some databases may only include publications since 1985 or some other date. Other databases may only include items published in a particular country or language. All of these coverage features will have an effect on your results.

When selecting a database, consider the following coverage features:

  • subject area
  • types of publications and resources included
  • geographic area
  • language
  • time period
  • and the availability of the materials

These features will be discussed in the following pages. Remember, it is a good idea to use more than one database when doing research.

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