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Types of Web Sites

There are many different types of Web sites. Some provide information or news; some attempt to influence public opinion or sell products; some are meant to entertain; others are simply personal pages. Many Web pages blur the line between entertainment, information, and marketing/advertising.


Just as every item in the library has its own call number, every image, file, page, or program on the Web has its own individual location. To find these online sources, you need the Web address called a Uniform Resource Locater or URL.

The URL identifies the computer, directory, and file where an item is located and the type of protocol (or set of rules) needed for a computer to read and display that item. Capitalization, punctuation, and spacing must be exact for a URL to work.

URLs take the following standard form -- protocol://hostname/other_information



To visit a Web site, type the URL for the site into the address bar of a Web browser, as indicated below.

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