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Biographical, Statistical, and 
Other Reference Sources

There are other reference sources which you may need to consult in order to find specific information on your topic, including:

  • Biographical sources: profiles of people; their lives and accomplishments.
  • Statistical sources: statistics are available that are related to many different subjects and will usually be numbers (numeric data) or information in tables (tabular data).
  • Atlases and Maps: geographic and spatial information of many different types can be found in maps and atlases.
  • Databooks: concise collections of data and other reference material.
  • Yearbooks and Annuals: reviews of recent developments, events, and/or research.


Examples of Other Reference Sources 

Biographical Reference Source:  The database, Gale Virtual Reference Library contains the very useful biographical reference, the Encyclopedia of World Biography. 

a brief biography of Galileo from an online biography database 

Statistical Reference Source: An excellent statistical reference source available in the databases is the Statistical Abstract of the United States, which gives data from government and other agencies such as the U.S. Census table pictured below.

1990 census data, 11K


Atlases and Maps: This example comes from The National Atlas of the United States, a project of the U. S. Geological Survey.  

U.S. map showing average income by region in U.S., 54K



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