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Boolean Operator: AND

AND retrieves only those records that contain all of the search terms that you enter. Type AND between your search terms to narrow your search results. 


For Example:  ♥ 

Imagine you're helping a friend search an online dating site for their Perfect Match. They're looking for a person who is both employed AND athletic

Keyword: employed
finds 100 matches!
Your PerfectMatch Search:
Boolean And example
Only 20 matches contain 
both employed and athletic.
Keyword: athletic 
finds 100 matches!


The database of this online dating site may contain 100 profiles that match your search term employed and 100 profiles that match the search term athletic. But of all these profiles, only 20 match both employed and athletic.

Connecting your search terms with the Boolean operator AND will return  fewer results than if you had searched using only the word employed or searched using only the word athletic.

Using the Boolean operator AND helps make your search more precise. In other words, AND helps you find a more perfect match but AND also narrows your search and retrieves  fewer results.   

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