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Finding the Right Transfer College

With colleges we transfer to, the decision we make may be based on what is nearby or convenient, rather than deciding if it is the best match for our interests. There are ways to figure out both.

Finding the Best Match in a Transfer College

Here are some good sources to use when looking for information on transfer colleges:

  • Talk to the staff at the Contra Costa College Transfer/Career Center and use their resources. Pay attention when college representatives are visiting the CCC campus.
  • Use four-year college directories (reference books at the transfer center and in the library) which include indexes listing colleges by their majors.
  • Examine the colleges' websites and catalogs. College catalogs can be viewed online at a college's website, or use the library's CollegeSource database (check the library Web site's A-Z database page).
  • Use the library databases to find articles about the colleges you are considering.
  • Visit the campuses and ask questions of counselors, the department faculty you plan to study with, and students to find a match for you. If you are concerned about social life, check out the student center for clubs that might be of interest as well as support services.

Finding Scholarships

Money is an issue, but if you have applied yourself at the community college level and have grades to show it, college scholarships and private scholarships may be available if you use your information competency skills. Here's how to find them:

  • Talk to staff in the Transfer/Career Center.
  • Check the scholarship resources at the colleges to which you are applying.
  • Check scholarship resources in books and Web sites (ask the librarian or Transfer/Career Center for help!).
  • If you or your family members belong to organizations, unions, etc., check what scholarships may be available from these organizations.
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