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Boolean Operator: NOT

The Boolean Operator NOT excludes a search term or group of search terms from your results. Use NOT to narrow your search.

When you combine two keywords using NOT, you're asking the database to find all the results that include your first search term then you're subtracting (-) any results that include your second search term. 

For Example: ♥ ♥ 

Your friend's search for a Perfect Match has gotten a little surreal. Your friend has decided their perfect match must be a wrestler. From Greco-Roman to Sumo, anything goes with one exception--no Pro Wrestlers. That's not real wrestling in their opinion. Boolean NOT to the rescue!



Your PerfectMatch search:





Keyword: Wrestler
finds 735 matches!

Venn diagram showing concepts Wrestler and Pro

Keyword: Pro
Subtracts 489 matches!

Only 246 matches for Wrestler but NOT Pro.

The PerfectMatch database finds 735 matches that contain the search term Wrestler, but when you use the Boolean Operator NOT to subtract or exclude the second search term Pro, you're left with only 246 matches. NOT helps you to find more precise results.  
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