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Truncation allows you to search the "root" form of a word with all its different endings. Using truncation will broaden your search and give you more results.

To perform this kind of search, enter the root of a word and add a truncation symbol at the end. The most common truncation symbol is an asterisk,(*). The database will return results that include any version of your root word. 

Truncation Examples 

Searching for:

child* = child, childs, children, childrens, childhood

bank* = bank, banks, banking, bankers, bankruptcy

genetic* = genetic, genetics, genetically


Other Common Truncation Symbols

Different databases use different truncation symbols. The most common truncation symbols include:

  • asterisk (*) 
  • exclamation point (!) 
  • dollar sign ($)
  • hashtag (#)


Check  help button icon to find the correct truncation symbol for the database you are using.


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