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Different Types of Publications

Things to Consider:

  • In what type of source is the information published?
collage of various types of periodicals Information can be published in a variety of sources, such as scholarly/professional journals, trade publications, popular magazines, or information sources which try to sensationalize topics.

As a review from Chapter 3, some specific types of periodicals are described below.

Type Characteristics Examples
  • Scholarly or professional focus
  • Written by experts in the field for a specialized audience
  • Include footnotes and bibliographies
  • Few illustrations, long articles, very few or no advertisements
collage of journal covers
  • Popular in nature
  • Written by reporters for a general audience
  • Usually no footnotes or bibliography
  • usually include advertisements
collage of magazine covers
  • published daily or weekly
  • up to the minute news items
  • may have local, regional, or national focus
  • advertisements
Sacramento Bee Newspaper
  • How thoroughly has the information been edited or reviewed?

Some publications require that the information be reviewed by several experts in the field. These are called refereed orpeer-reviewed publications. Notice the instructions for submitting an article to this journal include a review process.

sample instructions on submitting articles for a refereed journal


On the other hand, some publications (such as personal Web sites) require no review process at all.

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