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Reading and Finding a Call Number

Call numbers are unique addresses for individual items in the Library. Call numbers appear:


on the spine of the book.... 

image of a book with line pointing from call number to spine label on book where call number would be located 
Notice that call numbers may be written up and down....

....and in the online catalog

image of a computer with line connecting call number to computer screen 
....or left to right.

Reading a Call Number

The Contra Costa College Library uses the Library of Congress system of call numbers (as opposed to the Dewey Decimal system used by most public libraries) to organize books and other materials on the shelves. The entire call number is a set of letters and numbers in several sections.

a call number as it would appear on the spine label of an item, with explanation of how to read the letters and numbers on the four lines

Searching for Call Numbers on the Shelves

Notice that each section of the call number starts over and items are filed in alphabetical or numerical order. 

a row of call numbers as they would appear on spine labels of items on a shelf, showing how call numbers are used to place books and other material in order
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