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Boolean Operator: OR

OR retrieves records that contain any of the search terms that you enter. Type OR between your search terms to broaden your search results. You might find the following mnemonic helpful: OR gets you more.

For Example: ♥ ♥ 

Let's get back to your friend who is still searching online for their Perfect Match. Your friend is less particular about age than about some other criteria. They're willing to cast their net a little wider and date someone who is either in their 20s OR their 30s. See how OR gets them more?  

Keyword: 20s
finds 400 matches!

Your PerfectMatch Search:

Boolean OR example
A combined total of 1,000 matches contain
either 20s or 30s in them.
Keyword: 30s
finds 600 matches!


The database of this online dating site contains 400 profiles that match your search term 20s and 600 profiles that match the search term 30s. That gives you a total of 1000 matches of people who are either in their 20s or 30s.

Connecting your search terms with the Boolean operator OR tells the database that ANY of your search terms can be present in the resulting records, which results in a broader search with more results. 

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