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Having completed CLICS, you've improved your skills at finding, evaluating, and using information of all kinds, and you're headed down the road to information competence.


If you are a Contra Costa College student who has taken the pre-test and the tests at the end of each chapter, be sure to take the post-test as well. If your class is using the CLICS tutorial, you are required to take the post-test. Plus it's a great way to see the progress you've made—just check your post-test score against your pre-test score.

Am I there yet?

You won't become information literate overnight. Just as with speaking skills and writing skills, your abilities will improve over time as you gain expertise in the topics you choose to investigate and as you practice searching for, selecting, and evaluating the information and ideas you encounter.

Information is available from many sources and in many formats: printed text, television, videos, library databases, web sites, and more. To be "information competent" or "information literate," you need to know why, when, and how to use all of these tools and think critically about the information they provide.

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Last updated: 7/13/2020