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Online Awareness:
Privacy and Security

Privacy and security issues have become an increasingly important concern in the electronic environment. Be aware that some of your electronic "movements" can be monitored. Among other things, computer programs can track:

  • which Web sites you have visited
  • where you go within a particular Web site
  • if you have posted messages to an online discussion list

Also, many employers now reserve the right to monitor the e-mail and Web use of their employees!


While there are privacy laws, they do not apply to as much as we would like. In this age of technology, there is a wealth of information about each of us available to others that we may not be aware of. Bank, insurance, medical, and employment records may not be as secure as we think.

In addition, everywhere we go, companies and Web sites attempt to get our personal information, either to track our purchases so they can market and advertise to our wants, or to sell it to other companies.

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