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SOCIO 221 curated list

Course Outline of Records:


Introduction to Social Problems 9th ed (Sullivan) (2016)

Book not on CCC Reserve

eBook (not available)

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association: the official guide to APA style. 7th edition

Book (Print)- (CCC)

APA Citation Guide- (CCC Online)

Handouts (CCC-print)

MLA Handbook, 8th edition

Book (Print)- (CCC)

MLA Citation Guide- (CCC Online)

Handouts (CCC-print)

Films and Videos

Films on Demand- Sociology

Kanopy- Sociology

Academic Videos online- Sociology

Breaking the Wall of Clashing Cultures, How Sociology Can Mediate Between Islam and Western Modernity -Infobase (2015) (Sociology)


Social Problems: Continuity and Change (Lumen Learning for SUNY) (CC BY-NC-SA)

Social problems an advocate group approach (Horsfall), (2012)

Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World (2016) Open Textbook Library

The illusion of inclusion : global inclusion, unconscious bias and the bottom line (Turnbull) (2016) eBook Central


Race and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.: An Intersectional Approach (2021) – LibreTexts (CC BY-NC-SA)
Supported by the ASCCC-OERI, this open text was compiled by six diverse, community college sociology faculty from Long Beach City College, Cerritos College, and Santiago Canyon College. With an eye on social justice and intersectionality, the text provides a sociological analysis of the history, demographics, and contemporary experiences of the following race-ethnic groups: African Americans, Asian American Pacific Islanders, Euro Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, and immigrants.

Introduction to Sociology -3e (2021) (Openstax)(CC BY-NC-SA) The text includes comprehensive coverage of core concepts, discussions and data relevant to a diverse audience

Beyond Race: Cultural Influences on Human Social Life (2021)(CC BY-NC-SA)

Foundations in Sociology I: Social Construction of Everyday Life (CC BY)

textbook examines how we come to understand and experience ourselves and the world around us and how we create culture. Students will be introduced to the study of culture, socialization, social interaction, identity formation and self-fashioning, the social construction of class, gender and race, age, deviance, and other social phenomena.

OER Repositories

OER Commons (2021) CC-BY-NC-SA Open Educational Resources (OER) network for collaboration among the California community college system

Open Text (2021) CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0- Provide textbooks, videos, and presentations for Sociology (General)

LibreTexts (2021) CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

BC Campus OpenEd - CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

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Note: The library can buy both print and electronic copies of titles like those listed.  In the past, the library has purchased up to 3 print copies of a reserve title.  We are not able to buy multiple copies of eBook titles. When possible, the library buys eBooks that can have unlimited simultaneous users.  However, per the publisher, some eBooks are limited to 3 or even 1 user at a time.  The library does not buy class sets of books.  For class sets please contact Maritez Apigo for a grant application.