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MATH 164 curated list - Introduction to Probability and Statistics

MATH 146 Curated List

Course Outline of Records/Syllubus


Statistics Using Technology 3rd (Kozac)- OER

Statistics eBooks

An introduction to probability and statistics (CCC online) Rohatgi, V. K.

Elements of statistics: a hands-on primer (CCC online) Sharma, Raghubar D

Probability theory: a first course in probability theory and statistics (Linde) CCC-online available unlimited)

Unlimited usage available

Basic Statistics (Mohanty, P.K.) (2016) (EBSCO – Unlimited)

Probability and Statistics by example I: Basic Probability and Statistics. (Suhov, Y.M.) (2014) (Concurrent 225 users- EBSCO)

Films and Videos

Introduction to statistics and the relative frequency histogram -Infobase

Basic statistics and data mining for data science – PACKT Publishing
Statistics: Probability and Certainty- Films on Demand

Statistics: Probability and Prediction – Films on Demand

What is Statistics? – Films on Demand

Kanopy- Math

Academic Videos online- Statistics


Calculators (Desmos)


Statistics – Open Textbook Library CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Statistics – Concepts in Statistics (Lumen) CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

OER Repositories

OpenIntro (2021) Statistics: Books and forums on statistics (CC BY-SA)

Libretexts (2020) Mathematical Reasoning (Thangarajah) (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Open Text (2021) CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0- Provide textbooks, videos, and presentations for Math

OER Commons (2021) CC-BY-NC-SA Open Educational Resources (OER) network for collaboration among the California community college system


Elementary Statistics

CCC CVC-OEI: OpenStax Statistics

Note: The library can buy both print and electronic copies of titles like those listed.  In the past, the library has purchased up to 3 print copies of a reserve title.  We are not able to buy multiple copies of eBook titles. When possible, the library buys eBooks that can have unlimited simultaneous users.  However, per the publisher, some eBooks are limited to 3 or even 1 user at a time.  The library does not buy class sets of books.  For class sets please contact Maritez Apigo for a grant application.