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NURS 235 Curated List

Course Outline of Records:

Maternity & women's health care- 11th edition

Book- (CCC Reserve 9th edition)

Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children – 10th edition

Book- (CCC Reserve 11th edition)

eBook – 3 users

Films and Videos

Films on Demand- Nursing

Kanopy- Nursing

Academic Videos online- Nursing

eBooks at CCC

Berkowitz's Pediatrics : A Primary Care Approach (2020, CCC eBook)

Family-Centered Care for the Newborn : The Delivery Room and Beyond (2014, CCC eBook)

Signs and symptoms in pediatric care (2015, CCC eBook)


Maternal, Pediatric, Infant Health

Critical Care Nursing of Infants and Children (2001, CC-BY)

Nursing Fundamentals –(Ernstmeyer and Christman) (2020, CC BY)

Pediatric Nurse Commons (2021) CC-BY

Preventing Infant Mortality and Promoting the Health of Women, Infants, and Children (2011, CC BY-NC-SA)

Obstetrical Nursing  (Carolyn Conant Van Blarcom) (2019, CC-BY)

Case Studies

Case Scenarios In Pediatric Practices (2012) CC-BY-NC

Health Case Studies –(Rees, Kruger, and Morrison) (DVC)(2017, CC BY-NC-SA)

Public Health Ethics: Global Cases, Practice, and Context –(Barrett, Dawson, and Ortmann) (2016, CC BY-NC)

Simulations and Skills

Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care – (Doyle and McCutcheon) (2015, CC BY)

Interprofessional Simulation Education (IPSE) Scenarios (2014, CC-BY)

Medline Plus

Nursing Skills (Ernstmeyer and Christman) (2021, CC BY)

Skills Common (Merlot, Various CC licenses)

OER Health Repositories

OPEN RN (Chippewa Valley Technical College)

MERLOT Health Sciences Portal – OB /GYN

MERLOT Health Sciences Search page

Medical | Open.Michigan


Maternal Newborn Nursing – Williams

Note: The library can buy both print and electronic copies of titles like those listed.  In the past, the library has purchased up to 3 print copies of a reserve title.  We are not able to buy multiple copies of eBook titles. When possible, the library buys eBooks that can have unlimited simultaneous users.  However, per the publisher, some eBooks are limited to 3 or even 1 user at a time.  The library does not buy class sets of books.  For class sets please contact Maritez Apigo for a grant application.