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CCC Library - Online Tour

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Two of the Library's 6 group study rooms are in the main area of the Library, as is the Quiet Study Room. Group study rooms are for the use of groups of 3-8 people (it differs with the size of the room).

Schedule the use of the group study rooms with the librarian on duty at the Reference Desk. NOTE: Tutors should use the College Skills Center (just down the hall). Smaller groups may use a study room if one is available, but may not schedule their usage and may be bumped if a larger group needs the room. 

Most of the group study rooms have whiteboards; a couple have chalkboards. Students may check out erasable markers or chalk from the Circulation Desk. If you use the boards, please erase them before you leave.

The QUIET Study Room should be just that -- there should be no conversation or other noise. Some students need quiet in order to study effectively; please respect their needs and maintain quiet in this room.

Students in a group study room