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Welcome to the Contra Costa College Library!

This tour is designed to provide: an overview of the library's resources and services; an orientation to the physical layout of the library; and information about the guidelines and procedures to follow when using the library.

If you are taking this tour for extra credit, we recommend you grab a library map and walk through it! 

The online tour will begin with an overview of the Library Use Guidelines, then it will follow the Information Stops in the same sequence as the library's self-paced walking tour (see the numbers on the library map and the chart shown below).

  • At the end of each Information Stop, click on the letter tab along the top of this guide to move to the next page.
  • Click on the previous letter tab to return to a previous page.
  • Some tour stop pages may link to additional information on certain topics. Follow the links to these pages as you wish; use the browser's back arrow to return your spot in the Library tour.