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Pens, pencils, screwdrivers, other tools

Research Tool Box

Librarians are available to help with your research!

Librarians help student find and evaluate appropriate resources and prepare citations for articles, books, websites, statistics, and more. Drop by the library's reference desk; call us at ‪(510) 426-5026‬; or Ask a Librarian 24/7. Want to get started on your own? For guidance through the research process, check out the following tutorial links or explore our Library Online Orientation modules in Canvas.

How do I?
Try one of these:
Learn about the research process
  • Lay out the research process

Research is Like Cooking

Research Strategy Chart

  • Do background research on my topic

Doing Background Research 

Learn about research questions
  • Select a research topic

Mind Mapping Your Topic

Picking Your Topic Is Research

  • Create a thesis statement

Thesis Statements (Purdue Owl)

Writing a Persuasive or Argumentative Thesis

  • Identify keywords

Keyword Generator

Learn about scholarly and popular sources
  • Tell the difference

Anatomy of a Research Article

How to read a scholarly journal article

  • Understand peer review

Peer Review in three Minutes

Learn about primary and secondary sources
  • Tell the difference between the two

What is a primary source?

  • Analyze a primary source

Explore! Primary Sources: Read, Think, Analyze

Learn about information and Information Literacy
  • Understand the importance of Information literacy 

Information Literacy: Why Is It Important

5 Components of Information Literacy

  • Understand a variety of sources

Information Cycle

Information Timeline

Know Your Sources Infographic

Learn about search techniques and strategies
  • Select library databases
What are library databases?
  • Search effectively
Online Research
  • Search smarter with Google
Get More Out of Google Infographic
Learn about evaluating sources
  • Check for credibility
Evaluating Sources for Credibility
  • Identify bias
Detecting Bias
  • Evaluate sites on the open Web
The CRAAP Test in Action
Learn about citing sources
  • Know when to cite and why
Citation: A Brief Introduction
Learn about writing research papers
  • synthesize information
Synthesizing Information
  • Write a research paper
How to Write a Research Paper in Ten Steps
Learn about academic integrity, plagiarism, and copyright
  • Avoid plagiarizing
  • Understand copyright and fair use
Copyright and Fair Use
  • Understand academic integrity
What is Academic Integrity?

Credit: Adapted from the Research Tool Box at DVC Library, prepared by librarian Amelie Brown.