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Guidelines & Policies

  • Animals: Please do not bring animals into the building, except for animals that are aids to persons with disabilities.
  • Bicycles: Must remain outside the building.  
  • Circulation Services: Please check out all materials that you take from the library (will need your student ID card or other official photo ID). Missing or damaged materials are frustrating for the next person who needs to use them. Remember that you are responsible for all materials checked out on your card; do not lend your ID to anyone else.
  • Computer Use Policies: See separate tab.
  • Food and drink: Please do not bring food into the Library or Media Lab. Beverages in screw-top bottles are ok. Spills and the insects that follow them damage library materials and create a messy and potentially unsafe environment.
  • Group Study Room Use updated Spring 2022- Study rooms may be used for Zoom classes and group study. Please call 510-215-4897 to book a room, or go to the reference desk in the library. You may book a room a few days in advance.
  • The study rooms are to be used for studying only. They may not be used for tutoring, club or organization meetings, or faculty/staff for conferences or meetings. All tutors are encouraged to use the College Skills Center (just down the hall).
  • Noise: The Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study and research. Please respect the study needs of your fellow students by following these guidelines:
  • Keep your voice low in the main areas of the library; your conversation should not be able to be heard a few feet away.
  • Use headphones as needed; if your do not have your own, you may check some out at the Circulation Desk. Please keep the volume low enough so that you don't disturb others around you.
  • If you need to work together with other students, please use a group study room. If one is not available, sit at a table outside of the designated Quiet Study areas and keep your voices low enough that you do not disturb others.
  • Turn cell phone off (or to vibrate). If you receive a call, please take your call outside.
  • Keep totally silent in the Quiet Study room.
  • Personal Belongings: Keep an eye on your belongings. Do not leave books, purses, backpacks, laptops, cellphones or other valuable items unattended. The Library is not responsible for damage or theft of personal items.
  • Quiet Study Area: The tables between the periodical display stand and the group study rooms are designated as quiet study areas. Minimal talking in a low voice is permitted here, but if you need to talk for an extended time, please schedule a group study room or move to a table outside of the Quiet Study area. 
  • Quiet Study Room: This room is ONLY for the use of individuals who need a quiet place to study. There is to be no talking at all; the room should be silent at all times. 
  • Smoking: CCC is a non-smoking campus; smoking is not permitted inside any campus building. See college policy C3000.0.

Course Reserves Policies

  • Reserve materials can be library-owned or personal copies
  • Most are made available to students for 2-hour in-library use, but instructors may allow overnight checkout for their own personal copies.
  • The list of items on reserve for your class will be listed in the Library's online collection catalog under both the instructor's name and the course number/name.
  • Please note that the Library does not purchase any textbooks; those should come from the instructor or department.

Placing Materials on Reserve:

  • Complete a Reserve Request form for all items to be placed on reserve (multiple items can be on same form) and submit along with the reserve materials. Forms are available at the Circulation Desk.
  • If any CCC Library-owned items are to go onto reserve, please give full title, author(s), and call number so that staff can easily locate the items.
  • Reserve materials should be submitted at least TWO weeks before the start of a semester to give staff time to get them processed for the start of classes. Reserve requests can, of course, be submitted any time during a semester, but keep in mind that staff may need up to 5 working days to process them so please do not tell students the items are available until you have been notified they are ready for use. 
  • The use of photocopies is subject to copyright laws. Fair Use guidelines allow certain uses, for limited amounts of time; in essence, the same photocopies may not be used semester after semester. See The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance for more information.
  • If you will be using magazine or journal articles for your course reserves, please consider using a link to the Library's databases. Using the permalink / persistent link to the article, your students will have access to the articles from anywhere via the Internet. If you have questions about this or need assistance, please ask Andrew Kuo or contact the Reference Desk at 510-215-4897 (x44897).