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The CCC Library provides specialized assistance and equipment for users who have a physical or learning disability that limits independent use of the library. The library will coordinate with the college's Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) office if additional accommodations are needed. Please consult with a library staff member for assistance.


Patrons with disabilities have priority use of all specialized equipment. Other patrons are asked to yield this equipment gracefully when it is needed.

In the Library's Main Room:

  • All workstations are on adjustable-height tables
  • An Aladdin print magnifier to enlarge items placed on the viewing tray.A switch enables white-on-black background or or black-on-white background.
  • All computers have ZoomText software to magnify text. This software includes DocReader, an automatic voice reader that can read the complete computer document on-screen; users need to provide their own headphones or check them out from the Circulation Desk. See the ZoomText Tutorial for more directions on using its different features.
  • One computer has JAWS screen reader software. Users can get training on how to use it from the DSPS Office.
  • Laptop plug-in table in main room.
  • Wireless internet access for use with own laptops or other devices

In the Media Lab:

  • Stereo audiocassette players
  • Compact disc players
  • Four-track audiocassette player for use with recordings in RFBD format
  • Televisions/VCRs with the ability to play closed captioned videotapes and DVD's

Additional equipment is available in the DSPS Office and High-Tech Lab.




Library staff members will assist you by:

  • Facilitating use of the online catalog and computerized databases.
  • Retrieving books from the stacks.
  • Getting patron situated with equipment and demonstrating its use as needed.
  • Extending reserves or loan periods or modifying other lending rules on an individual basis when possible.
  • Assisting with photocopying from books and journals.
  • Reading a word or call number, or providing written or oral directions to locating library materials

If the library is busy and the particular assistance you need will be lengthy, a library staff member may ask you to return at a less busy hour. Please call the Reference Desk 510-215-4897 ahead of time to make an appointment for the following services:

  • Personal library tour
  • Online catalog and databases instruction
  • Internet research and/or instruction
  • Explanation and instruction in sources of specialized information
  • Research paper consultation and assistance


All of the Library's computer workstations are on adjustable tables. These workstations provide access to the CCC Library's online catalog and full-text databases via the Internet.

The National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped loans Braille, cassette and talking books, magazines, and playback equipment through a network of cooperating libraries. Its web site contains links to collection catalogs, a list of libraries, and a wealth of information pertinent to its users. The California State Library is the loan center for northern California. To apply for services, contact:

Braille & Talking Book Library
California State Library 
P.O. Box 942837 
Sacramento, CA 94237-001 
Hours: 9:30am - 4pm Monday - Friday 
Phone: 916-654-0640 or 800-808-2555 
FAX: 916-654-1119 
email: b&


Contact the Disabled Students’ Programs and Services (DSPS) office in the Student Services Building, Room 109 for additional services available to CCC students with disabilities. 510-215-3969

Additional training may be available through the Center for Accessible Technology, a non-profit organization in Berkeley (2547 8th Street) that offers high tech aid to persons of all ages and ability levels. 510-841-3224

SEE ALSO the Disability Information site list linked to the CCC Site Guides page for additional resources (choose from drop-down menu).