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This library guide provides resources for students of drama, or anyone with an interest in the subject.

Welcome to the Dramatic Arts guide!

At Contra Costa College the Dramatic Arts Department includes coursework in areas of dramatic performance, the history of theater, and dramatic production. Topics covered in this research guide cover these areas of coursework and include resources related to acting, directing and playwriting, as well as technical stagecraft, such as lighting and set design. 

KabukiBooks: Look here for key books in this topic area (including print books on our shelves, and electronic books you can use from home). 

Quick catalog entry points: 

  •                Acting 
  •                Drama
  •                Theater

Articles: We've chosen a few key article databases for your topic area where you might find information in magazines, journals, and newspapers.

Media: Want to watch something on your topic? Check out our video databases.

Internet Sources: Finding a high quality website through Google can feel frustrating. We have some evaluation tips and ideas of where you might want to start.

Image of Kabuki performer in Nagahama shared via Creative Commons from flickr user lensonjapan