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SPAN 120-121 curated list - Spanish (1st and 2nd semester)

SPAN 120-121 curated list

Course Outline of Records:

Panorama: Introduccion a la lengua espanola. Blanco, Jose (2016) 5th ed. (unavailable at CCC).

Suggested textbooks:

¡Naveguemos juntos! (Mendoza, Gutiérrez, Ho, Lin, and Lugo, 2021) (CC BY NC SA 4.0)- for students taking the first year of Spanish. It is intended as an introductory Spanish course that covers levels 1 and 2 at community colleges.

¡Chévere! Introductory Spanish I (Brown, Escudero, Montoya, and Small, 2021) (CC BY NC SA 4.0)- Introductory Spanish I is the first half of a comprehensive introductory Spanish sequence, providing guidance and practice in reading, writing, listening to, and speaking Spanish. Each module includes thematic vocabulary, sequenced grammar instruction, numerous self-check drills and exercises, open-form communicative activities, scaffolded writing assignments, and reading passages exploring various aspects of life and culture in the Spanish-speaking world.

¡Chévere! Introductory Spanish II (Brown, Escudero, Montoya, and Small, 2021) (CC BY NC SA 4.0). Introductory Spanish II is the second half of a comprehensive introductory Spanish sequence, providing guidance and practice in reading, writing, listening to, and speaking Spanish.

Libro Libre - Beginning Spanish (Huebener, 2022) (CC BY NC SA 4.0).

Spanish Grammar Manual (Yepes, 2020) (CC BY NC SA 4.0). General review and reference in courses from second-year Spanish

Beginning Spanish ¡Empecemos por aquí! (Ceciliano and Notman, 2022) (CC BY NC SA 4.0). Focuses on the development of communication skills in interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes while centering student voices. Activities engage learners in real exchanges of information on topics that are relevant to adult students. In addition to language-acquisition learning outcomes, this text supports learning outcomes in diversity, equity, inclusion, cultural sustainability, and social justice.

Spanish Learning Resources

Spanish Grammar In Context (CC BY NC SA 3.0)- detailed grammar explanations of the Spanish language. Grammar includes, adjective, adverbs, conjunction, nouns, pronouns, verbs and more. Unlike traditional reference grammars, each topic is explained using authentic video examples from the Spanish in Texas project. Accompanying practice quizzes are available on an open Canvas course site.

Open Learn - Spanish (CC BY NC SA) Open Learn provides seven Spanish courses ranging from beginners to advanced Spanish, such as "Beginners’ Spanish: food and drink", "Spanish: Perspectivas porteñas", and "Spanish: espacios públicos."

Accesso (CC BY) -A complete, interactive online curriculum for intermediate-level learners of second year Spanish.

Coerll (CC BY) Classroom activities written for specific levels of proficiency using COERLL’s multimedia Spanish resources; Collection of open Spanish materials from The U.S. Department of Education-funded Center for Open Educational Resources & Language Learning

Spanish Learning Resources in Libretexts

• Intermediate/Advanced Spanish Manual (Entrada Libre) - ASCCC Open Education Resources Initiative

• Book: Spanish 101 - Achieving the Dream - Lumen Learning

• Book: Spanish II (Celis) - Achieving the Dream

• Aprende español con Libretexts - Saint Mary's College (Úsuga)

• Spanish H5P Library - ASCCC Open Education Resources Initiative (Moon)

• Book: Antología Abierta de Literatura Hispana (Ward) - Humanities/Bookshelves/Languages/Spanish

MLA Handbook, 8th edition

Book (Print)- (CCC)

MLA Citation Guide- (CCC Online)

Handouts (CCC-print)

Films and Videos

Films on Demand- Spanish

Academic Videos online- Spanish

SpinTX - Authentic Spanish Videos for Language Learning (CC BY NC SA 3.0) Spanish language video clips with subtitles for teaching. Part of the Spanish In Texas Corpus project.

CCC Catalog

CCC Library Catalog: language study Spanish (subject search)
Limited to online resources (books, videos, etc.). Change the filters to see all materials.

OER Repositories

OER Commons-Spanish
Broad search, which you can filter using the limiters on the left-side of the results page. Includes Acceso, a digital learning environment out of the University of Kansas

Elementary Spanish I - Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative
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MERLOT- The materials in this project are specifically designed for a third-year Spanish Writing course, offering guidance to instructors on how to develop each of the four modules that constitute the course: Description, narration, argumentation, and exposition. For each of the modules, a variety of resources are presented, including peer review training sessions, classroom activities, handouts to guide students’ writing processes, and peer review guidelines. These resources follow the methodology of writing through workshops (“Talleres”) 

Sample Canvas Shell

Introductory Spanish Canvas Shell

Introductory Spanish Course Outline (Lumen)

Note: The library can buy both print and electronic copies of titles like those listed.  In the past, the library has purchased up to 3 print copies of a reserve title.  We are not able to buy multiple copies of eBook titles. When possible, the library buys eBooks that can have unlimited simultaneous users.  However, per the publisher, some eBooks are limited to 3 or even 1 user at a time.  The library does not buy class sets of books.  For class sets please contact Maritez Apigo for a grant application.